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A global leader in the design and manufacture of precision carbide progressive lamination tooling.

Helping you from the start by providing solutions until the end

Our experience and expertise supports an efficient and cost-effective product right from the start, to help you avoid production problems later.

Groundbreaking engineering and design in lamination dies for both interlocked and loose lam configurations

We design and build stamping tools for a wide range of applications and industries

LH Carbide restores your tools to their original specifications

Quality Program

Measurable steps to ensure the dies we design and manufacture work correctly and exceed industry standards.


First introduced by LH Carbide in the 1980s, Autolok™ revolutionized lamination stamping and has become a motor industry standard.
LH Carbide Automation

LH Carbide Automation

LH Carbide offers automated and control solutions that are suitable for a wide range of industries and applications. Our automated test systems use cutting-edge technologies such as lasers and robotics, we create unique solutions that continue to work even as circumstances, goals, and processes change.

LH Express

Quality-focused and comprehensive emergency spare parts and repair program.


Holding over 50 U.S. and world wide patents, we are dedicated to continuous improvement and a willingness to invest in the best people and processes.

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LH Carbide is a world leader in the design and manufacture of precision carbide progressive lamination tooling, making sure your dies meet your requirements. Our die experts are always available to answer questions and provide technical support.